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About us

FarmersDirect Coffee was set up by three founders with extensive expertise and proven success in the coffee market. In addition to the founders, FarmersDirect Coffee has powerful partners who support it in achieving the new standard in the coffee market, and we’ve created a fantastic initiative called 'FarmersDirect Coffee Coalition'. We’re Opening up the Coffee Chain - together.

FarmersDirect Coffee offers its customers:

1. Full insight and control over your coffee product

Full insight and control over the origin, quality, sustainability and pricing of your coffee product

2. Long-term access to affordable quality

Long-term assurance of affordability and security of delivery of sustainable, high-quality coffee through the FarmersDirect Coffee Coalition

3. CSR leadership with proof for your consumer

Meet the CSR standards that serve the sustainable customer!

The Founders

Ward de Groote

Ward de Groote

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Cees Homburg

Cees Homburg

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Roland de Koning

Roland de Koning

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FarmersDirect Coffee Coalition

FarmersDirect Coffee consists not only of the aforementioned founders, employees and partners, but also our participants across the entire chain. This is how we help our farmers to a better future and we ensure a more sustainable and better production - together.

More about Coffee Coalition

Unlocking the coffee chain with our seven promises

1. Directly from the farmer

2. Fair distribution of income

3. Sustainable and transparent

4. The Power of our Coffee Coalition

5. Strong partnerships

6. Traceable from bean to cup

7. Focused on the future with digitisation


<i>Unlocking the coffee chain</i> with our seven promises