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"Full insight and control over your coffee product"

Blockchain explained

Opening up the coffee chain requires full transparency. The journey of each coffee bean is recorded step by step in our open source blockchain. Recorded data cannot be changed and are therefore always reliable. 

Using a QR code on the packaging, the origin, quality and cost distribution of FarmersDirect Coffee are visible to everyone, including your customers.

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Roland de Koning talks more about the Farmers Management Tool. The Farmers Management App helps farmers take control of their plantations, improve productivity and increase profitability. The app guides farmers in improving their production and increasing productivity. With all these tools and information, we ensure a more sustainable supply chain with our open source blockchain technology, thereby opening up our Coffee Coalition.

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Insight and control of the chain

Insight and control of the chain

This is a great way to respond to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards and the sustainable consumer. 

All our packaging has a QR code that consumers can scan to get insight into the origin and journey of the beans.


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Direct trade!

We guarantee fair, high-quality coffee at a competitive price, directly from the farmer. We have taken out the middleman obstructing the relationship between farmer and customer, so that our farmers really benefit from all their hard work. In addition, we help the farmer improve soil quality and increase crop yields and thus a better future for the farmer! We supply high-quality coffee to national and international wholesalers, (food) retail and coffee and vending suppliers. We offer you and your customers 100% transparency of origin and quality, as well. Thanks to our open source blockchain, your organisation and customers are guaranteed transparency and traceability.


Partnership Universiteit Wageningen

To make the coffee market more transparent and sustainable, FarmersDirect Coffee is working in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to develop the world's first CO2 calculator that specifies the climate footprint of the coffee chain. The calculator combines the CO2 impact for each part of the chain and provides insight into how sustainably the coffee is produced. Doing so allows buyers and consumers to be more informed when choosing a sustainable coffee.

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