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This page has the latest news and developments about the coffee market and FarmersDirect Coffee – from press releases to articles, and from vlogs to certifications.

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Fair coffee by prioritising

Watch this video of Eduardo Sampaio explaining the coffee planting process at Farroupilha farm, Brazil. Discover how we prioritize traceability, transparency, and sustainability by sourcing beans directly from our farmers. By putting farmers first, we offer fair and high-quality coffee.

Interested in joining our coffee coalition and helping us open up the coffee chain together? Let's work towards a more transparent, traceable, and sustainable coffee industry with the help of open-source blockchain technology.

Watch video "Coffee planting process Farroupilha Farm"
Watch video "Coffee planting process Farroupilha Farm" 1:24

How parameters can help in sustainable coffee farming

Agriculture and horticulture sustainability expert Douwe van Dongera explains how he helps FarmersDirect Coffee grow coffee sustainably. Within FarmersDirect Coffee, he is involved in two projects. One is setting up a cultivation registration app to make cultivation even more sustainable. This uses 8 agricultural scientific parameters. Next to that is he working togheter with Wageningen University to properly map the carbon footprint in coffee cultivation. A good sustainability model for coffee cultivation is only possible if you start at the beginning. Healthy soil gives healthy plants. 


Watch video "Integrated crop management in 8 steps"
Watch video "Integrated crop management in 8 steps" 2:16

Participation from Vietnam

Simexco in Vietnam has found a strong partner in Green Coffee and blockchain in FarmersDirect Coffee. Watch Ward de Groote's journey into the centre of robusta production in Vietnam and discover the collaboration we have developed here over the past year. Opening up the coffee chain.

Watch video "Farmers App explained"
Watch video "Farmers App explained" 7:30

Reunion between founders of UTZ Certified

What a memorable and heartwarming moment, a special reunion between the two founders of UTZ Certified, Nick Bocklandt and Ward de Groote, in Guatemala. The founders of UTZ Certified have known each other for more than 25 years and were both inspired by the same vision: ‘Making sustainable coffee available for the global market and create a positive impact of sustainable farming techniques over the whole world’. Watch this special interview.  

Watch video "FDC Interview Nick Bocklandt"
Watch video "FDC Interview Nick Bocklandt" 3:10


On our YouTube channel, watch the beautiful vlogs Ward de Groote made during his coffee travels. For example, he was in Brazil to visit various coffee farmers and cooperatives and in Central America to help coffee farmers start efficient and sustainable coffee growing.


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