Discover the possibilities of private label and green coffee beans.

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"We produce the best coffee in a sustainable way and with a fair price for the farmer and for the market"

Become part of a 100% transparent coffee chain.

Coffee belt

Our raw, green coffee beans come from the Coffee Belt, which means that we source from various countries around the equator. In these countries of origin, our farmers use the Farmers App that we developed. This app is a training programme that provides efficiency, increased yield and sustainability. Agronomists are also used in order to add to the knowledge base. Watch Ward de Groote’s vlogs and join us on our coffee journey:

More about our Coffee Coalition


High quality, honest taste

There are many steps in the current coffee chain between farmer and consumer, and coffee beans of different origins are often blended in one package. This makes it difficult to determine the origin, freshness and quality of any given coffee. However, this is not the case with FarmersDirect Coffee. Our delicious, high-quality coffee comes directly from our farmers via a transparent chain, and it is created with a flavour profile that suits your organisation.


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Ocean freight with the lowest possible emissions

We aim for the lowest possible emissions when transporting coffee beans. Thus, wherever possible, we work with electric means of transport to move the beans, both on and off the ship, and transport them to our warehouse in Velsen, among other places.

Fully transparent

From there, we can distribute the products to independent roasters and work with them to ensure that the coffee is roasted to the highest quality.


Coffee Coalition

"Experience both the green coffee bean market and our private label options"

Green coffee beans

We source and sell green (unroasted) coffee beans to national and international roasters to be processed by them into a delicious end product. Request more information about green coffee beans – go to our contact page.


Private label

Together with our partners throughout Europe, we can take care of management of the entire chain. For those interested in a (semi) private label, we offer that option, as well. Request more information about private label – go to our contact page.


Together with our Coffee Coalition, including our farmers, we advocate traceability, sustainability, quality and great taste

FarmersDirect Coffee consists of a coalition of farmers, cooperatives, transporters, roasters, packers and customers. The coalition is strengthened by our specialised partners such as Cordaid, Wageningen University, Rabobank Fund and Oiko Credit. We work together to offer sustainable, fair and high-quality products for the business market, and all at a competitive price.

Together with our Coffee Coalition, <i>including our farmers</i>, we advocate traceability, sustainability, quality and great taste