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FarmersDirect Coffee is working on a 100% transparent coffee chain. That's fairer and more sustainable. Find out more and join!

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Our unique approach: A journey without detours

How sustainable is sustainable? At FarmersDirect Coffee, you know exactly how we live up to our green ambitions. This is because every step, from bean to cup, is 100% transparent and insightful via open source blockchain.    


The benefits of this unique digital approach:

- 100% Traceability: Each coffee bean's journey is recorded step by step. Every bean goes directly from the farmer to the retailer, without shadowy brokering. This is how we create a transparent chain, with a fair price for consumers and farmers alike

- Less CO2 emissions: By cleverly using sustainable methods and natural processes, we create a win-win situation in which the harvest grows, soil fertility improves, biodiversity is restored and CO2 emissions are reduced.

- No deforestation: At FarmersDirect Coffee, we use innovative satellite technology to monitor deforestation, analyse risks and prevent tree felling. This is how we encourage deforestation-free coffee!    


And you can contribute to that: become a co-owner of FarmersDirect Coffee and invest in a coffee future that is not only fair, transparent and environmentally friendly, but also driven by clear data and innovative software.


Coffee farming

Coffee farming

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Fairer and more sustainable

A fair investment, with fair returns

Are you seeking a sustainable investment option? At FarmersDirect Coffee, we blend a passion for coffee with a commitment to sustainability.


Opening up the coffee chain: What you need to know?

- Our plans: The goal is to raise a minimum of €1,400,000 for the development of technology, including:

- A crop management module

- A CO2 validation program

- Implementation of deforestation software.


With an investment of €2,800,000, we can further expand this with the FarmersDirect Marketplace.

- Large market size: FarmersDirect Coffee is the only one with a comprehensive solution for the growing issues in the coffee market, coupled with new regulations.

- Growth opportunities: There are ample opportunities to expand into markets facing similar challenges, providing potential for the future.


Invest sustainably: What do you get in return?

- Investment opportunities: With your investment starting from €250 in certificates of B-shares of the STAK FarmersDirect Holding B.V., we develop innovative technology and finance trade.

- High returns: IRR returns based on:

  a) Emission of €1,400,000, an IRR of 16%

  b) Emission of €2,800,000, an IRR of 20%.

- Additional reward: An attractive reward with an investment starting from €2,000 in coffee-related products.


Do you have questions? Or would you like more information? Contact us. Whether you want to invest or learn more about our approach and investment opportunities, visit Eyevestor.